Moot Ales Brewing Co Matlock – Hand crafted ales in the Derbyshire dales.

In the distant past, the Mews family had an idea to brew their own beer and sell it through the family pub, the Red Lion. This splendid idea started to germinate, then grew and grew until in August 2018 a baby brewery was born. The proud parents called their new child ‘The Moot Oak Brewing Company’, but he likes his nickname ‘Moot Ales’ better.

Moot Ales lives in the building behind the Red Lion and has been helping his family produce delightfully tasting beers made from super ‘all grain’ ingredients.

Having a brewery in Matlock is perfect for all the community and visitors to the Peak District or Matlock as there are a lot of real ale drinkers here. The beautiful Matlock Dales are the perfect surrounding for our real ales inspiration. We had to have a beer named Matlock Blonde and Matlock Best. The best walk in Matlock (High Tor) includes the attraction called ‘Giddy Edge’ This is the perfect inspiration for our IPA name.

Meslach, although sounding like a cast from game of thrones, is actually one of the original names of Matlock. We used this name simply to listen to folks attempts of the pronunciation. (Meeee s latch).